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An Introduction to SEO
You’re a small business owner.
You started a company to do what you love and now you find yourself wading through tasks that have nothing to do with it. You’re keeping track of receipts, paying bills, you’re the lead customer service rep, and you’re the janitor.

Oh, and somewhere in there you’ve got to find time to be the chief marketing officer and hope you have time left to do what you started a company to do. I speak from experience on all these fronts and, as a veteran SEO of some 8 or 9 years, I can say that keeping up with search is its own job.

But you know you need to understand how to either do it at a basic level or at least know what the heck your SEO is talking about or perhaps even, what they should be talking about. And that is the purpose of this page.

We’ll be looking at some of the top principles of SEO that every small business owner should be aware of. The fastest way to the top is, and always has been, Google’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising platform, Adwords. Through a complicated bidding and auctioning process, you can position your website at the top of sponsored search results in less than a day.

Problem is, it’s a very complicated process and you can end up spending a lot of money to achieve poor results unless you are experienced and methodical. It is best left up to a professional.

That puts small business owners at a disadvantage. They can ill afford to put the time into becoming highly skilled at PPC. Nor can they typically afford to hire or contract for those services. The dabbling that many small business owners do in order to try to turn a profit often results in poor results and even more frustration.

Why You Have Every Right To Feel Frustrated By SEO
I heard it again last week – “I”m so frustrated by SEO!”

The comment came from a small business owner who was articulating his frustration while trying to understand SEO. I heard words like “mystery”, “black magic” and “black box”.

Thing is, search engine optimization is not a mystery. It is certainly not black magic. But there is some truth to the suggestion that it might be a black box. I’ll explain why below.
Google Rules!

If you’re a small business owner in the United States, Google is the only search engine you really need to worry about.

Google has a near monopoly on search. It controls 65-85% percent of the market according to estimates by Comshare, an Internet measurement company, and Rand Fishkin, a leading SEO expert and founder of Moz, a Seattle-based inbound marketing and SEO company.

If you don’t rank well on Google, you have a problem. 40% of the world’s population, about 3.1 billion people, have an Internet connection today. Google processes over 3.5 billion search queries (on average) every day. It is highly unlikely, that the business will be taken seriously or earn enough revenue without an Internet and Google presence.

For small business owners, that’s a problem.
Google’s Ranking Algorithm is a Closely Held Secret

How do you get to rank on top of Google?

Google uses an automated ranking algorithm to decide who ranks on top. It doesn’t publish its ranking algorithm and it has no stated plans to do so. Google’s CEO, said flat out that “it’s a business secret and he has no plans to disclose it".

Why Choose Private Blog Network? Do they still work in 2019?
If you’re wondering if PBNs work in 2019, here’s the short answer: Yes. I heard about Private Blog Networks, or PBNs for short, a while back around the same time that I heard about niche websites. PBNs seemed very exciting and very powerful.

PBNs can also be confusing and slightly complicated to set up for a novice, or even an experienced internet marketer. There are many moving parts to a PBN and several failure points.

In my ultimate guide, it will cover the basics of Private Blog Networks. Think of it as PBN 101. If you’re wondering “Do PBNs work?”  The answer is YES. They definitely work and they work really damn well, too.

You have to build your PBN right. I used to sell a course on PBNs, but now I just give it away for free. We will cover the following:

 1.   Introduction of a Private Blog Network
 2.   Buying a Domain
 3.   Why expired domains are authoritative
 4.   Backlink
 5.   Registration and Register
 6.   Hosting Selection
 7.   Class IP
 8.   Network Manage
 9.    Content Writing
10    Link Building
The Truth about Private Blog Networks (PBNs) 2019 Guide
What is a PBN and How it does work?
A “PBN” stands for Private Blog Network and in the most basic form of it is owning or maintaining a website or group of websites regardless if it’s a “blog” or not with the sole purpose of using them to push domain authority, page rank and rankings to a property of which you control through linking schemes by building many identities and link recommendations. It was probably back around in 2011-ish. That I started using them and It was sort of by accident. The short story was I was ranking a lead gen site for “certified nursing assistants” and I bought someone else’s site off of Flippa that was just on the verge of breaking through to page one of Google for the main terms.

When I analyzed the backlinks of the site I questioned the seller how did you get these specific links “here” and I gave him a list of those.

He said, “oh, my brother owns those sites and we decided to use them to help rank“. I had a light bulb moment 💡right then and there, well why can’t I just buy a bunch of sites as well and do the same thing. Long story short, it worked like Gang busters and I got to number 1 for my main terms in a matter of months and that site was making me $500 a day in ad sense revenue until good old Penguin rolled around in 2012. Of course, then the story was a lot different than today, it was just power power power and anchors anchors and some more anchors. Links are arguably still the most crucial factor that search engines consider when ranking sites for a particular keyword.
Private blog networks hold this advantage because you get to link to your site from distinguished sites based on their SEO value from expired domains with high DA, TF, and CF. Getting more of these sites and linking back to your money site allows you to strengthen your link profile and get higher rankings. Authority is determined by Moz’s Domain Authority (DA) and Majestic’s Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF), among others. The metrics are ways that both SEO tools determine the value of a site based on different SEO factors. While these are far from perfect, the metrics are nonetheless smart guesses on how a website is worth to Google. The higher the DA, TF, and CF, the more incentive for you to link from these domains.

Top Advantages
Top Advantages You Can Get From Private Blog Network
We all know that PBN is a group of small websites that has high-quality content that can link you to the top players on the web where you can earn big bucks. It has been used for some time now, and some people are already having doubts about it. Let me prove you wrong. Here are the benefits you can get from Private Blog Networks that will erase all your doubts. These advantages will prove you that PBN is still the best SEO strategy out there.

1. Control over things
If you want to have control over Search Engines Optimization on your site, PBN is the method that you should go for. Up until now, it is the only method that can let you have that control, unlike other things that will always keep you on your toes. You can maximize the keyword utilization to your advantage all the time.
2. No more outreach and network
It’s usually the case if you don’t have any private blog network. There will be tons of emails and requests that you have to do to get the connection you need. Strong relationship ties with other webmasters will be required to gain a few steps up the ladder on the search engine. 

3. Higher SERP
Backlinks are used when you redirect trust and authorities of blogs. You can easily hit the top 10 rank in the search engines, and that will depend on the quality contents transferred with the use of keywords that can help you a lot.

4. Authority and Trust transfer
The sites you have will have various contents. The authorization and trust for these materials can be transferred quickly to your primary website which will give you a significant advantage.
The PBN is still the best method that generates a lot of benefits for a website. I’m sure the advantages you’ve seen can entice you to get your private blog network if you still don’t have one.
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PBN to increase your Rank
Why are you providing PBN guide for free?
I used to sell a course on PBN, but now I just give it away for free to provide value to you.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q : Are PBN still working to improve a website ranking?
A : The short answer is YES. They definitely work and they work really damn well, too.
Q : Are they worth building from an ROI (Return on Investment) and a ROT (Return on Time) perspective?
A : They are worth building from the ROI and ROT perspectives. Mastering the secrets of SEO is a never-ending battle. The days when keyword density was enough to earn your site a high rank on Google are long gone. The search giant is constantly updating their (proprietary) search algorithms, which means that the metrics are always changing.

The good news is that there are still things you can do to build quality backlinks and improve your SEO. One very effective example is the use of Private Blog Networks, or PBNs. This strategy is the “secret sauce” a lot the top agencies and SEO “Guru’s” use to dominate the search engines.
Q : PBNs are expensive to build. Is it true?
A : If you are new in PBN building, the short answer will be yes. But if you follow my PBN guide, you can optimize the cost to minimal.

Q : Why i should create a PBN for my site?
A1. Control 
Having control in SEO is powerful. With a network, you can dictate the anchor text, the links, and test like crazy to see what works. No other link building strategy allows you such freedom.  Let’s say worst case scenario, you DO get a manual penalty. Since you have control, you can simply remove the links and the penalty will be revoked. Getting a manual action removed is nearly impossible if you built GSA links or buy links on sites you didn’t own.

A2. Instant Authority
Private blog networks are powerful because you’re leveraging the authority of an aged, trusted website. And as you have probably experienced, it’s challenging to get these types of links through outreach or naturally.

A3. No Outreach/Relationship Building
If you rely on private blog networks, you won’t have to spend any time reaching out or building relationships. It can definitely save your time. 
Q : Is it possible to leverage the power of private blog networks without actually building one?
A : “YES!” The strategy that I’m about to show you make it possible to leverage the power of private blog networks without actually building one. By using SpeedRankSEO PBNs for the small fractions of the costs.

Q: What's the benefit of using SpeedRankSEO PBN?
Natural Link Building
We do natural link building, making links manually using relevant high-quality content with relevant images in it.

Powerful Links
All links would be Manual, Do-follow and on high powerful domains that would definitely increase your website RANKINGS.

Unique and Relevant Content
We highly focus on content generation. We provide 500+ relevant content with every post (through WordAi).

Strong Domains with Quality Metrics
Links would be placed on our own Private Blog Network having extremely high metrics. All links ensure SAFE SEO strategy to avoid any Google penalty.

Extreme Security Measures
All Blogs will have Unique IPs to prevent any footprint or Google Penalty.

Why Working Together With Us?
30 days money back guarantee. If, for any reason whatsoever, you don't love our service and find it more valuable than the cost you paid to get it...

Just contact us at support(at)speedrankseo.com and we will refund your payment and you can even keep the service. There is zero risk.
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Wrapping it up
Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer here about using PBN’s on your site. There are obvious pros and cons with leveraging a PBN strategy to build links. If the prospect of owning blog networks to link out to your money sites sounds interesting to you, then, by all means, go for it!
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